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How do you find the right colleges for you?  College Planning  Co. can guide you through the college search process.Learn how to find colleges that are a good fit for you, develop your college search strategy, and explore colleges with our college match search engine. College Planning Co. is a comprehensive look at a family's resources and how it affects their ability to pay for qualified education expenses.


The Aspiring Scientist is a student-run initiative to promote the values of research for young students. It is an academic, professional, and peer-reviewed journal devoted to high school and college scientists who are interested in using research to benefit the world around them. Based in the United States, we include domestic and international students from Korea, China, and parts of Europe. The Top Journal aims to provide students with up-to-date research and to facilitate the widespread dissemination of their research, ideas, and expertise among individuals in the scientific community and for the public good.

Experienced mentors and professors provide students with an in-depth advice throughout the scientific writing and reviewing processes, while students develop critical thinking skills by advancing their knowledge in their respective scientific fields. The research subjects include project reports, case studies, and other work related to chemistry, biology, physical and life sciences, engineering, mathematics, psychology, sociology and more.

Most importantly, here at the Aspiring Youth Foundation, we encourage fellow students to take initiative in their learning. While close guidance is provided, we highly emphasize to each student the virtue of learning not for the sake of learning, but how they may use their knowledge for practical applications. Thus, our philosophy centralizes student empowerment and presenting one’s work with pride.

The Aspiring Scientist also provides an opportunity for students to present their research projects annually. Each year, we hold the Young Scientists Journal Conference, which brings together science enthusiasts and individuals working in related disciplines in order to foster conversations around their research. Based on the evaluation standards, a panel of experts will rigorously judge the students' research and the top-rated articles will be given an opportunity to be featured in The Top Journal. This way, our students are prepared for the rigorous research of academia along with other professional settings.

Through its dedication for ethical research, The Aspiring Scientist prepares emerging scientists and leaders for future careers in science, and it also provides them with a platform where they can explore their creativity and knowledge alongside readers in the real world. The Aspiring Scientist is committed to a scientific community that is open and accessible to all. 

칼리지 플래닝 Aspiring Youth Foundation에서  publishing 하고 있는 사이언스 저널 The Aspiring Scientist, 저널은 미정부 허가난 저널이며 아마존에서 판매 되고 있다.

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