How do you find the right colleges for you? College Planning Co. can guide you through the college search process. Learn how to find colleges that are a good fit for you, develop your college search strategy, and explore colleges with our college match search engine. College Planning Co. is a comprehensive look at a family's resources and how it affects their ability to pay for qualified education expenses.
How do you find the right colleges for you?  College Planning  Co. can guide you through the college search process.Learn how to find colleges that are a good fit for you, develop your college search strategy, and explore colleges with our college match search engine. College Planning Co. is a comprehensive look at a family's resources and how it affects their ability to pay for qualified education expenses.

Our Service

College Planning Co.'s firm specializes in maximizing college financial aid and developing your admissions process and content. Our services include writing and editing admissions-related material and many of our clients have been accepted to the top schools in the nation.


Our admissions team is professionally trained and includes some former admissions committee members from Ivy League universities. We have an excellent reputation within the industry. 


Right Direction

We utilize all your resources to best decide what the most beneficial strategies are in reducing a family's educational expenses. The results are often dramatic! We save families thousands off their education costs annually. College Planning Co. is a comprehensive look at a family's resources and how it affects their ability to pay for qualified education expenses.


Welcome to College Planning Corporation

Thank you for visiting College Planning Corporation. We would be happy to assist you with developing admission strategies and guiding you through the entire college admission process.


Our firm specializes in maximizing financial aid for students through conducting financial analysis of each student and family, reducing expected family contribution (EFC) and offering the best financial investment plans and solutions for student families.


The admissions team of the company assists students in choosing the right college by preparing and editing college application documents, writing admission essays, and enhancing college admission test scores.


Our professionally trained admissions team includes some former admission committee members from Ivy League Universities. As a result of our services, majority of our clients were accepted to the top schools in the nation and we gained an excellent reputation within the industry.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our firm via email or phone so that we can schedule for you a free consultation.


During our free consultation you will get more individualized professional consultation on college planning strategies based on the individual needs of the student and your family.

Planning Stages

(High school freshmen and sophomores)

College applications are still a few years away but we can help you prepare for and plan the best high school experience possible. We provide guidance in:

  • Volunteering and extracurricular activities 
  • Finding and securing summer camp experiences
  • Leadership opportunities 
  • Foreign exchange programs
  • Career and goal counseling and assessment based on abilities, interests, and personality 
  • Course selection toward interests 

Pre-application stage 

(High school juniors)

We also offer personalized services in:

  • Gathering college information geared toward each individual student
  • Preparing detailed information about specific colleges of interest such as the best programs for possible majors

Application stage

(High school seniors)

College applications can be stressful and confusing. We are with you every step of the way to ensure that you put your best foot forward in your application.

A sampling of our services:

  • Career assessment based on abilities, interest, and personality 
  • Guidance and research assistance for narrowing career options 
  • Finding the best programs for your possible area of study, and gathering personalized, detailed information about those schools
  • Guidance in filling out the Common application or school-specific applications and supplements
  • Essay revision and development
  • Resume creating and revision 
  • Prepare for college interviews


Maximization of merit and need-based aid for Scholarships and Grants 



College Planning Corp offers guidance on saving for college financing, including comprehensive planning to reduce out of pocket expenses. We review all aspects of the family's financial situation and seek to reduce the EFC, the expected family contribution. Take advantage of our services in every step of the process:


  • Complete financial analysis
  • FAFSA and CSS profile preparations to avoid common mistakes families make that cause them to overpay for college
  • International and undocumented student financial aid
  • Maximization of need-based and merit-based aid, scholarships, tax savings
  • Evaluate and appeal financial aid awards
  • Search for additional scholarships and eligibility 
  • Opening 529 savings plans to jumpstart your college financial planning
  • Student loan and Parent Plus Loan



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