College will be great. the main challenge is to endure the prosess of getting in. Master the admissions game and you're on your way. We're here to be your tour guide and teaching to success.
College will be great. the main challenge is to endure the prosess of getting in. Master the admissions game and you're on your way. We're here to be your tour guide and teaching to success.  

Research and Essay Services

Develop your Independent Research Skills with 1-1 Mentorship at CPC PREP


College Prep Corp. would like to welcome you to the center and to the world of scientific research that lies ahead! We at the center found that, although our students were excelling in both academics and on the ACT/SAT, there were some students that were at a disadvantage due to a lack of extracurricular activities. Other students had extracurricular activities but didn’t have any activities involving academics (big consideration when applying to academic institutions). Furthermore, with the ever-pressing need for more STEM students, we found this to be a great opportunity to introduce scientific research projects and critical thinking to students. As an added bonus, this also gives the student a look into how their education can be used in real-world applications (something that is lost in most schools).


Over the next few weeks, you will be going through the process of developing and writing a research project on a topic of your choosing. You will have guidance the entire way with instructors that are highly educated in both scientific and research-based disciplines. The end goal is to not only open you up to new topics and methods but to also eventually use this program as a tool to help with college entrance. Upon completing your research project, your project will be published in a compilation of other student projects along with creating a personal blog. The research paper itself will be professionally written and will give you the option to enter it into science fairs and scientific journals. This exposure to the science fair and journals is highly recommended and will further build your depth of knowledge in the scientific world, along with boosting your college application further. Hopefully, you are as excited as we are to start your journey into scientific writing and research!


CPC Prep Essay Services

Common App Essay

Common App essays can be hard to master. Let us help you navigate the nuances so that you stand out against the competition.

Supplemental essays

College-specific supplemental essays are our bread and butter. Our experts narrow down on your ideas and word choice to help you craft the perfect essay prompt response.

 Scholarship Essay

Many scholarships require essays asking for your reasoning when applying for the scholarship, questions around your biography, and more. Maximize your chances of receiving the scholarship by submitting your essay for an expert review.

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College Planning Corp. offers credited online courses for those whose schedules do not permit regular class attendance. Use our website to find out more about our learning philosophy and get to know our staff.

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