College will be great. the main challenge is to endure the prosess of getting in. Master the admissions game and you're on your way. We're here to be your tour guide and teaching to success.
College will be great. the main challenge is to endure the prosess of getting in. Master the admissions game and you're on your way. We're here to be your tour guide and teaching to success.  

Other Services

College Financial Aid

  • FAFSA preparation 
  • CSS profile preparation 

Searching College and Majors

  • College searching based on skills, abilities, and personality type
  • Student personality assessment
  • Find college majors
  • Career profiling
  • Career and goal counseling


  • Admission essay review and assistance
  • College planning seminar
  • Volunteering and activities
  • Summer camp/ Leadership
  • Go Campus

Undocumented Student and F-1

  • Undocumented and international students financial aid
  • Admisstions Technical College
  • Continuing Education for another job
  • Go out of country College
  • Exchange student
  • Scholarship - find out how much merit-based aid
  • Admisstions application review and assistance
  • Planning and organizational assistance
  • Assistance in planning career options
  • Guidance in course selection
  • Appealing financial award letter
  • Gathering college information for student
  • Prepare students college interviews
  • Financial planning
  • Appealing college decisions and financial aid decisions
  • Complete financial analysis
  • Guidance with the application precess
  • Advisors work directly with you via video chat
  • Advise students academically and offer career and goal counceling
  • Assist students with researching and narrowing career options
  • Assist in course selection
  • Provide detailed information about student selected colleges
  • Assist students with personal essays and resome development
  • A free counsultation - and let us guide you through the process
  • Financial Adi Award Estimates
  • Calculation of your EFC (Expected Family Contribution)
  • Financial Analysis including cash flow analysis, tax repercussions, and retirement planning
  • Tax efficient borrowing strategies
  • Every step of the finacnial aid precess
  • Prepriety to evaluate award letters and evaluate whether they are fair
  • Positioning to receive the maximum merit based aid, scholarships, and tax savings

ACT/ SAT/ GPA Coaching

GPA, ACT and SAT scores will play a major role in determining whether you are accepted to the college of your dreams. And your scores can be a significant factor when it comes to the financial aid you receive as well. We offer personal, one-on-one coaching that will help you prepare for these tests.

Saving for Colleges

Saving for college doesn't have to come at the risk of your own financial future as long as you start immediately and take advantage of all the funding options available. 


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