College will be great. the main challenge is to endure the prosess of getting in. Master the admissions game and you're on your way. We're here to be your tour guide and teaching to success.
College will be great. the main challenge is to endure the prosess of getting in. Master the admissions game and you're on your way. We're here to be your tour guide and teaching to success.  

방문교수/ 교환교수

미국대학에서 견문을 넓히고 폭넓은 경험을 위한 비지팅 스칼라( 방문교수, 연수, 인턴십)을 원하시면, 또는 안식년을 맞아서 해외에서 활동하고 자녀들을 위한 장단기 미국에서 체류를 원하시면 미국 현지 대학 교육 최고의 펌 칼리지 플래닝(college Planning Corp.)를 노크해 주세요.


Visiting Scholar

1> Term

미국 대학의 방문교수로 오는 Term은 적게는 하루에서 6개월 길게는5년까지 리서치나 교수로 올수 있다. 


2> Posotion

Visiting Scholar, Visiting Pre-Doctoral Fellow

Specialized non-research, non-staff position



분야별로는  교수, 연구원 포스터 닥터, 대학원생 그외 의사나 변호사 등이 여기에 포함된다.

또 학교에서  비지팅 스칼라로 J-1 비자로 대학에 올경우는 Research(연구) Observe(참관), Consult, Teach( 강의) 등의 다양한 목적이 있다.

또 학부학생의 경우는 교환 학생이나 인턴십 프로그램등도 있다.


자세한 문의는 칼리지 플래닝(847-450-8001, 카톡 ID: collegeplanning)




미국 대학 방문 교수및 교환교수

미국 대학에서 단기 및 중장기 교환교수 연구 교수를 원하시면

저희 칼리지 플래닝( College Planning  Co.)에 연락 주세요.


전화: 미국 847-450-8001

카카오톡 아이디: CollegePlanning


Office of International Programs

J-1 Professors and Research Scholars

A USA  University is authorized to issue DS-2019 forms for the following Exchange Visitor categories:

§  J-1 Professor – A Professor is an individual who is primarily at USA to teach. A Professor may also conduct research. The minimum visit as a Professor is 3 weeks. The maximum stay is 5 years. After the completion of the program the individual is not eligible for another J-1 Professor or Research Scholar Program for 2 years.

§  J-1 Research Scholar – Research Scholar is an individual who is primarily at USA to conduct research. A Research Scholar may also teach. The minimum visit for a Research Scholar is 3 weeks. The maximum stay is 5 years. After the completion of the program the individual is not eligible for another J-1 Research Scholar or Professor Program for 2 years.

§  J-1 Short-Term Scholar – A Short-Term Scholar is an individual who is at USA to teach, research, observe, consult, conduct training, or demonstrate special skills. The minimum stay for a Short-Term Scholar is 1 day, and the maximum stay is 6 months (there are no possibilities for an extension).

» Category Definitions
» Application Process
» Maintaining Status
» Insurance Requirement
» 212 (e): Two-Year Home Country Physical Presence Requirement
» Dependents 



J-1 Professors and Research Scholars

Individuals participating in the Exchange Visitor Program as a Professor or Research Scholar are subject to the following conditions:

1.     The Exchange Visitor can not be a candidate for a tenure-track position.

2.     12-Month Bar. The Exchange Visitor has not been physically present in the United States as a nonimmigrant for all or part of the 12-month period immediately before the Exchange Visitor Program “begin date” on his or her Form DS-2019 identified in the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS). There are 3 exceptions to this rule:

§  The participant is currently in a professor or research scholar program and is transferring to MSU to continue their current J-1 program;

§  The participant's prior physical presence in the U.S. on a J-visa program was less than six months in duration; and

§  The prior participation was as a short-term scholar.

3.     24-Month Bar. If the individual has completed a previous visit to the United States in the Exchange Visitor Program as a Professor or Research Scholar, they must wait 24 months before being eligible for their next Exchange Visitor Program as a Professor or Research Scholar.

Professors and Research Scholars are permitted to work as described on the SEVIS Form DS-2019. On-campus and/or off-campus employment not related to the objectives of the Exchange Visitor’s program is not authorized. There are two exceptions:

1.     Professors and Research Scholars may accept additional employment as authorized by the USA Office of International Programs in accordance with U.S. Department of State regulations.

2.     Professors and Research Scholars may engage in occasional lectures or consultations with PRIOR written approval by the USA Office of International Programs. Such lectures and consultations must be incidental to the Exchange Visitor’s primary program activities.


Short-Term Scholars

General Information 
A professor or researcher can participate in the Exchange Visitor Program as a Short-Term Scholar. Why should one use the Short-Term Scholar category?

1.     The Short-Term Scholar category is not subject to the 3-week minimum length of program requirement.

2.     The category can be used for an Exchange Program lasting up to 6 months. Extensions beyond the initial 6 months are not authorized for the Short-Term Scholar category.

3.     The Short-Term Scholar category may be used by International Scholars who are ineligible for the Professor or Research Scholar categories because of the 24-Month Bar Rule.

A Short-Term Scholar is permitted to participate in activities as listed on his or her SEVIS Form DS-2019. Short-Term Scholars may also engage in occasional lectures or consultations if prior written approval is obtained from the UND Office of International Programs.




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